Fish Oil and Supplments

The Story On Supplements

Are they as good for you as fish fresh from the sea? Find out here…

We see them in health food shops and pharmacies everywhere, but are supplements really as good as the real thing? Well, not exactly.

While taking omega-3 supplements with a fish oil base can be beneficial, we’ve yet to see them compare with natural sea products. In fact, in clinical tests, fish oil supplements failed to meet the health benefits of a balanced meal.

Another key difference is in the quality. All Norwegian seafood is subject to health regulations and strict quality controls, while fish oil supplements are often marketed without any regulatory framework, so the quality varies greatly from one manufacturer to another.


Naturally occurring goodness

Sea products are rich in vitamin B and D, selenium, iodine, iron, and taurine. The combined effect of taurine working with omega-3 is far more effective at reducing cholesterol levels than the omega 3 found in fish oil supplements.

Natural omega-3 fatty acids contain DHA, a "good" fat known to effectively reduce blood pressure. The ion exchange that occurs between sodium, calcium and potassium in the smooth muscle cells lining the blood vessels causes expansion and allows blood to flow more freely. 

What’s more, the synthetic DHA supplements of fish oil act against the positive effects of natural DHA, sometimes even causing an increase in blood pressure.


Get the most from every meal

To enjoy the full benefit of every portion of fish, serve it as part of a balanced diet with plenty of colourful vegetables. That way you’ll reap the benefits of a wide variety of different vitamins and minerals.