Fish and the skeleton

Your body builds strong bones of calcium – but not without the help of vitamin D.

Your body uses calcium from food and drink to build and maintain the skeleton, but it cannot manage this alone. Without vitamin D, the process comes to a halt and the result can be a porous skeleton. There are two ways to acquire this important vitamin:

  • Through dietary intake, especially fatty species of fish such as salmon, trout, herring and mackerel.

  • Through the skin, when exposed to sunshine. However, for all who live north of 46°N this happens too seldom. In Europe, everyone who lives north of the Alps produces too little vitamin D and must therefore obtain it through dietary intake.

Source: Norwegian National Council for Nutrition report: ”Dietary guidelines to promote public health and prevent chronic illnesses in Norway – Methodology and scientific knowledge basis”, chapter 24: ”Diet and prevention of osteoporosis”.